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The upcoming season on the Rogue River bay near Gold Beach, Oregon is about to begin! The season starts in July and goes into September. These fish are straight out of the ocean, and are the freshest salmon you can catch on the Rogue. 

This years run of salmon on the Rogue River is predicted to be one of the best in the state of Oregon and we’re looking forward to a great year. Our fish migrate off the California coast, and fishing has been amazing for anglers out of San Francisco Bay.

The Rogue River

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For 15,000 years the fish of the Rogue River have sustained life for humans in Southern Oregon. Every year thousands of salmon and steelhead return from the ocean to the river they were born in. These runs of nutrient rich fish support both the ecosystem, and local communities that depend on them each year.

The Rogue River provides a unique year-round fishery on the West Coast. It’s one of only a handful of rivers with a spring run of king salmon, and 1 of 2 rivers with a run of “half-pound” summer steelhead. It is also home to an IGFA record setting king salmon that weighed in at  71.5 pounds and was caught in 2002. 


The scenery along the Rogue River is just as diverse as its fish. Originating from the side of Crater Lake, it runs 215 miles to the Pacific Ocean.  On its journey the Rogue tumbles down the Cascade Mountains, scours the Rogue Valley, and then cuts through the Coast Range Mountains before dumping into the ocean at Gold Beach.

The area is so unique that the Rogue was one of the original 8 rivers protected under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.

Best Times To Fish The Rogue River

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Upper Rogue
Spring King Salmon (Springers)

Season: May – July

Location: Medford, Oregon

Springers are one of the most sought after fish on the Rogue River, and are known for being difficult to catch, hard fighting, and the best eating salmon in the world. 

We fish for springers near the towns of Medford and Shady Cove from both our drift boat, and jet boat.

This is a very active fishery as we primarily back bounce eggs, while occasionally back trolling plugs. 

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Mouth of the Rogue
Summer King Salmon

Season: July – September

Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

Escape the heat and visit the Southern Oregon coast where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean.

During the Summer months the Rogue often becomes too warm for salmon to migrate up stream causing them to hold in the bay. This provides a great opportunity for us to catch ocean fresh salmon!

The best way to target these fish is to troll anchovies from our jet boat.

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Wild & Scenic Lower Rogue
Kings, Coho, & Steelhead

Season: September – October

Location: Agness, Oregon

One of the most fun & scenic fisheries in the state of Oregon happens on the Lower Rogue River in the early fall. When fishing near the town of Agness anglers have a chance to catch kings, coho, and steelhead while having a good chance of spotting one of the local bears.

As the river cools the salmon and steelhead make their migration upriver to spawn. This is typically a very active fishery, and great for anglers of all ages and experiences.

Rogue River Sport Fishing is lucky to be an equal opportunity recreation service provider operating under permit with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

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Upper Rogue
Coho, & Steelhead

Season: November – December

Location: Medford, Oregon

November on the Upper Rogue River marks the reopening of the river to bait and conventional gear. Both steelhead and coho salmon are in the river, and fishing is typically great as the fish haven’t seen a bait or lure for 2 months.

The fish and trees are showing their fall colors, and experiencing the river from a drift boat is one of the best ways to spend a day.

Latest Rogue River Fishing Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

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(2 person minimum, 3 person max)

Full Day: $300 per person

Half Day: $225 per person

(2 person minimum, 4 person maximum)

4 people: $250 per person

3 people: $275 per person

2 people: $300 per person

Large Groups Welcome!

A $50 per Person, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date(s).

All of our fishing trips include the following:

  • USCG licensed and insured fishing captain
  • All fishing equipment, tackle, & bait
  • Fish processing
  • Life jackets & all safety equipment
  • Extra rain gear
  • Shuttle to and from your vehicle
  • Ice chest for food & drinks

These are the essentials that you’ll want to bring to ensure a great day on the water:

  • A valid Oregon fishing license with a salmon & steelhead tag (the tag is included with 1, 2, 3, & 7 day fishing licenses)
  • Food & drinks (our Willie Drift Boat has an oven to heat food)
  • Layered clothing / rain gear / a hat / waterproof shoes
  • Camera / sunscreen / sunglasses
  • Ice chest to take home your catch
  • $5 to park your vehicle

Our Willie Drift Boat is designed for two people plus your guide. We can accommodate 3 guests, but it is tight, much like the back of a car.

Our Willie Predator can fish 4 guests.

For larger groups we have additional guides and boats available.

Generally we will meet about an hour before sunrise to take advantage of the best bite early in the morning. If a later start is needed just let me know.

We will meet at a boat ramp or park near where we are fishing for that day. I will be able to give you a general idea of the location when the trip is booked, but the exact location and time will be discussed the day before the trip.

The general limit for salmon and steelhead is 2 per person, per day in aggregate. This can vary during special or emergency seasons. We can always keep hatchery fish, but retention of wild fish varies by the season.


I personalize each trip, and will take the time to provide the necessary instruction to have a fun day of fishing.

Lets Go Fishing

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Ready to book your next adventure, or have questions about our trips? Give us a call at 541-613-8754 or fill out the form below.